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The Best Sandwich Shop is located in the Great Woods Market Place right next to Roche Brothers.  Open 6 days a week - we are here to provide you with fresh quality sandwiches!  The Best Sandwich Shop is family owned and operated.  Once you try our sandwiches you will want to tell the world about them.  The Best Sandwich Shop is called THE BEST for a reason - follow us on FACEBOOK.

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Wheaton announces keynote address speaker Lisa G. Szarkowski, vice president of humanitarian emergencies and executive communication for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Want to learn more about Lisa G. Szarkowski?

Did you know that this year marks the 180th graduation for Wheaton college?  I wonder how many students that includes... 

So commencement this year is scheduled for Saturday May 16th.  This either scares you to death because you have way too much to accomplish before then, or it gives you a lift that maybe just maybe this winter will eventually end.  Either way, we at The Best Sandwich Shop love our Wheaton friends and love the cycle of education that brings new faces and familiar faces through our door each school year. 

And we are pretty sure sandwiches help you study better and therefore make you smarter.  Let us feed you from now until graduation.


Great Woods Market Place
175 Mansfield Ave., Route 140
Norton MA 02766
Phone: 508-285-4080
Fax: 508-285-4006


Boar's Head Deli Meat

All of our sandwiches are made with Boar's Head quality provisions and served on fresh baked Italian braided rolls.